All Saints Vacation!

A zine following Apartment 1031's travels and journey around the world.


    All Saints Vacation! is a travel and journey-themed zine featuring the characters from All Saints Street: 1031 (δΈ‡εœ£θ‘—), a slice-of-life animation/webcomic by Lingzi.The zine will include single-page and two-page spread illustrations, short comics, written stories, and a variety of accompanying merchandise.The project will be SFW and PG-13. Canon and canon-compliant works and ships are acceptable. Characters from either the donghua and/or manhua may be included.

    Meet the Mod Team

    🌼 Pronouns: any🌼 Role: Art, Graphics, Social Media🌼 Experience: Artist for the Hanakotoba Zine. I'm a freelance illustrator and animator!🌼 Roommate: Definitely Lynn, because he's a cold, stern, responsible malewife, and that's honestly all I could ask for for my degenerate self.

    πŸ₯‚ Pronouns: she/herπŸ₯‚ Role: Organization, Communication, Writing, Discord, Carrd, Finance, Production, ShippingπŸ₯‚ Experience: Publication operations for Familiar, an original comic by Ale. I've modded 40+ zines, including Orbit Zine, Soop Zine, and This Side of Paradise Zine. For a full list, click here!πŸ₯‚ Roommate: Abu, since most of the time we're just quietly vibing in our room! Bonus shoutout to Damao and Nick Hoult, since they probably barge into the door constantly to get help/rope me into shenanigans.

    πŸŒ™ Pronouns: she/her🌼 Role: Graphics, Layout, FormattingπŸŒ™ Experience: Co-Mod and Contributor for the yearly OCCULT Zine since 2019. Contributor for the COSMOS OC Zine, Parallels: A Galolio AU Zine, and Teamwork!! Promare Fanzine. Creator and designer of personal OC Zine/Art Booklets. I'm a graphic design and art direction graduate!πŸŒ™ Roommate: Probably Ira, sharing one streamer braincell, while making Lynn's life harder then it should be.

    🦎 Pronouns: any🦎 Role: Graphics🦎 Experience: Mod for many, many zines and projects, like the awesome Board Game Anna's Roundtable and beautiful fanzines like Teamwork!! Promare Fanzine or the gorgeous Boba Zine. I've previously helped bring cool projects to life like the Hardcover Ferdinand & Hubert Fan Work Collection "Spell Zine" and 2 editions of the local female presenting characters celebration GirlsGirlsGirls! 1 & 2.🦎 Roommate: Evan! I want to share a tub of B&Js with him and judge him for his life choices!


    February 19β˜€οΈInterest Check Opens
    March 19β˜€οΈInterest Check Closes
    March 25β˜€οΈInterest Check Results
    April 2β˜€οΈContributor Applications Open
    April 30β˜€οΈContributor Applications Close
    May 7β˜€οΈEmails Sent
    June 4β˜€οΈCheck-in #1
    July 2β˜€οΈCheck-in #2
    August 6β˜€οΈCheck-in #3
    September 3β˜€οΈFinal Pieces Due
    September 17β˜€οΈPreorders Open
    October 15β˜€οΈPreorders Close
    November - January☁️Production
    February 2023☁️Shipping
    March 2023☁️Leftover Sales


    Please visit our Retrospring for additional FAQs.What is a zine?
    A zine, or fanzine, is a term used to describe unofficial fanmade publications which usually contain written fiction and artworks.
    What is the theme of this zine?
    The theme of this zine is travel and journey, featuring the All Saints Street characters exploring the world around, above, and below them.
    What is the rating of this zine?
    SFW and PG-13.
    Will the zine be physical or digital?
    If interest levels are high enough, the zine will be produced as an A5 physical zine with physical merch. A digital version will also be made available.
    Will this zine be for-profit or for-charity?
    Neither: this project will be P4P (Pay For Production) to respect Lingzi's artistic rights.
    How many contributors are you looking for?
    The zine will open applications for 1 cover artist, 25 page artists, 5 merch artists, and 4 writers. We will be inviting approximately 5-6 guests.
    Please note that guest and mod positions will not count against available applicant slots.
    In total, the zine will include work from approximately 45 contributors.
    How will contributors be compensated?
    All contributors are guaranteed a digital PDF copy of the zine. We will offer an option in the store for customers to voluntarily contribute toward subsidizing costs for free items for contributors, although there is no guarantee for buyers to make such donations. All items will be available for contributors to purchase at production price.
    Will there be ships featured in this zine?
    Ships that are canon in the All Saints Street universe will be allowed.
    Are webcomic spoilers allowed?
    Yes, webcomic spoilers or webcomic-only characters are acceptable.
    Who can contribute to this zine?
    All mods are 18+ with prior relevant experience.
    Contributors should be 16+ by the time of application to the zine. Prior zine experience is not necessary.
    How can I apply as a contributor?
    More information will be made available on our Twitter and the Carrd closer to the April 2nd date.
    Do I need to have All Saints Street works in my portfolio?
    No, although we recommend showing works with the All Saints cast in it! However, our highest recommendation is to show pieces that best show your skills. Please refer to our Application Guidelines for more information.
    Will you accept traditional artworks?
    Yes, we will accept traditional work. Please ensure that you can provide a clean scan with a minimum resolution of 300dpi for your final piece, and include examples in your portfolio.
    Will mods be allowed to contributor to the zine?
    Yes, mods are allowed to opt into contributing for the zine. Their pieces will not count against the number of contributor or guest slots available.
    Who are the mods for this zine?
    Mods Aka, Cara, Essi, and Jano. Visit their sites for more info!
    Still have questions? Reach out via our Retrospring or Twitter DMs.

    Terms and Conditions

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    All physical products (books and merch) displayed on our shop are pre-production, which means they will not be made to order until the pre-ordering phase is complete. We estimate that production will take up to 2 months before shipping can begin, however this may be subject to delays. All shipping updates will be announced on our zine’s Twitter account.Any customs or taxes that may apply to each order after shipping are to be handled and paid by the buyer. The All Saints Vacation Zine team is not responsible for any additional delays or fees once the product reaches customs. All shipping options automatically include a tracking number.Orders to Germany may experience additional delays as our team navigates the Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act) going into effect on July 1st. However, German buyers will be able to place their order as normal. Please contact us for additional details.Due to postal restrictions on outgoing packages from USA to Russia and Ukraine, orders to Russia and Ukraine will be held until package restrictions are lifted. We are willing to hold your package until that time at no extra cost! Please note that your order will not be eligible for refund or return. If you are hesitant to place an order, do feel free to contact us for more information. Please note that there will be no leftovers sale, as we'll be purchasing an exact number of items following the conclusion of preorders. Thank you for your understanding!PACKAGING:
    All products will be shipped inside protective bubble mailers with an additional paper wrapping to minimize damaged edges or scuffing. Orders including any non-flat merch will utilize additional packaging to protect the book from any sharp edges.
    REFUNDS & RETURNS:The All Saints Vacation Zine team will only issue refunds under the following conditions:β€”Β An order was lost or damaged during transit, and your post office refuses to reimburse you for the loss.
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